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Accelerated Production Planning & Scheduling

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Production Planning & Scheduling made easy with Checkmate​

Things get really complicated when planners need to deal with a myriad of information coming from different stakeholders, a variety of constraints and production requirements while serving often conflicting objectives. Continuously changing conditions and unforeseen events are the reason why production schedules always need an update.

It is our goal to abstract away all that complexity and give planners a toolkit to facilitate their day-to-day job and handle all planning challenges in an easy and convenient way.


Build a digital twin of your planning environment and gradually add new assets and production lines and map all your planning logic​

Checkmate, Digital Twin of your production process


Fast and dynamic scheduling with an intuitive drag & drop Gantt chart and real-time validation & feedback on constraint violations​

Checkmate, production planning on laptop


Increase agility and integrate with industry 4.0 concepts, turn on smart notifications for data changes and use what-if scenario capabilities​

Checkmate responsive planning


Plug-in any of our pre-configured models and optimize production schedules according to your planning strategy without coding

Checkmate, optimized planning, model zoo


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Production Planning & Scheduling​ Made Easy​

The Grain is a recognized leader in building data science applications for optimizing supply chain, production and maintenance processes.

Checkmate is our solution designed to deal with the specific challenges of production planning & scheduling for manufacturing companies

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The Grain Success Stories.

These clients have chosen to optimise their Production Planning and Scheduling with Checkmate.

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A task that takes weeks for humans can now be solved in hours, even minutes with AI. This allows for much more planning agility.

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