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We are looking for innovators who want to be ahead of the curve


The foundational elements of maintenance & reliability management will never change.

Failure patterns will not change and the conceptual application of the P-F interval will not dissapear, but the way technology can deliver value to asset management programs is changing faster than ever. The Grain combines its expertise in industrial asset management and data science to enhance the performance and reliability of your assets by building customized, accessible and scalable AI solutions.

We embed the power of advanced analytics to accelerate the process of learning by combining signal data, maintenance logs or any other operating context information to predict the asset behavior, add new insights enabling you to prepare the right actions at the right time. We believe that blending artificial and human intelligence is key to exponential performance of your assets.


Are you an innovator ?

We can document a million failures modes and maintenance strategies but human creativity and expert knowledge will always be the most valuable asset. Our solution is designed to capture it, remember it and learn from it - through the use of machine learning. The goal of our prescriptive maintenance solution is to facilitate day-to-day work of maintenance practitioners, reliability engineers and operators. We believe this can only be achieved by keeping the human in the loop. Not with a black-box AI approach.

We are continuing to improve our solution and are looking for companies to engage with. Do you believe in the power of combining human skills and AI? Then we’ve got something for you. Contact us for more information.